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Northwood North Manchester Property Lettings & Sales
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Northwood North Manchester  Property Lettings & Sales

Presenting your home to potential purchasers is obviously important and has an effect on price and the speed at which it can be achieved. Using the list below we would invite you to take a critical look at your home to ensure that it is shown in the best possible light. Northwood’s trained advisers will assist you with these decisions. Consider the things that you look at when viewing a property.

first Impressions
Consider soft music, fresh flowers and pleasing smells such as coffee, baking bread or pot pourri.

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Cut Lawns


Attend to small repairs


Weed beds and edge


Repair any dripping taps


Trim hedges


Touch-up any paint work


Check fences repaint/repair


Clean woodwork and switches


Check window sills repaint/repair


Clean windows


Check front door repaint/repair


Clear any toys/general clutter and hoover


Check door bell is working


Clear kitchen surfaces


Check garage door repaint/repair


Avoid cooking smells


Tidy Garage


Clean oven


Tidy sheds/outbuildings


Clean bathroom


Consider hanging baskets


Consider lighting each room


Consider colourful bedding plants




Northwood North Manchester  Property Lettings & Sales