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Northwood North Manchester Property Lettings & Sales
Northwood North Manchester Property Lettings & Sales

Everyone has a different attitude to risk. When investing money, some people demand the security of a building society knowing that the return on their investment may not be the highest achievable but they have the peace of mind in the knowledge that their money is secure.

Other people are tempted by the Stock Market, which can offer big rewards but can also be volatile and risky. With these thoughts in mind, we have developed a range of services to suit every Landlord, whatever their attitude is to risk.

Northwood North Manchester  Property Lettings & Sales

Our Platinum service is designed for those Landlords who place security high on their list of priorities and require a regular guaranteed income and the peace of mind associated with this very popular service.
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The Gold Management Service offers comprehensive property management similar to the Platinum scheme but an element of risk may be involved if the property becomes vacant or the tenant becomes unreliable with rental payments. However, this can often be offset with the potential of enhanced rental income for the Landlord.
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The Silver Managed Service with the reduced commission structure allows a greater return for the Landlord compared to the Gold scheme but with maintenance being the responsibility of the Landlord this service is not quite as comprehensive when compared to our Gold scheme.
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Finally with the Bronze Management Scheme commission is paid in advance but set at a very competitive rate. This enables Landlords to enjoy the greatest potential return on their investment although they will be exposed to a little more risk and responsibility compared to our other schemes.

This service is often best suited to those Landlords who can afford to devote a little more time to their investments and are able to absorb the financial highs and lows that can often be experienced in the world of property letting.
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